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Lesson Learned! School Board Stands Up to Near-Mob of Protesters

Another school board meeting, another angry near-mob of protesters. But judging from the outcome, members of the Richfield School Board has learned a lesson from the intimidation tactics employed recently against the Minneapolis Park Board and Minneapolis School Board. Dozens of members of the so-called Social Justice Education Movement shouted down board members, surrounding the board as members considered firing an employee for work-related issues. The crowd claimed Jessi Martinez was sacked for seeking to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt last winter in the Star Tribune account of the showdown. More than 70 protesters from the Social Justice Education Movement yelled “shame...

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Dayton is vetoing good education legislation. We need your help.

Dayton is pushing hard to gain more ground on expanding K-12 to become E-12, and making it normal for three and four-year-old tots to be in our schools. It is very easy to send an email to Gov. Dayton and legislators using the action alert. Your voice is critical in showing we have a strong network of supporters across the state....

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St. Paul Teacher Seeks to Hold District, and Students, Accountable for Assault

The lawsuit states Benner believed the district's racial equity policy was not holding African American students accountable for behavior issues as opposed to students of other races, and that policy was causing African American students to act out more. The lawsuit quotes Benner's statement at the school board meeting as saying, "Dr. King would be very disappointed because here we are 51 years later and the concept of the matter at hand is skin color."...

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Dayton Vetoes Education Bill, Continues Push for Universal Pre-K

The clock is ticking for the Legislature and Governor Dayton to agree on and pass an education bill. On Friday, Dayton vetoed a nearly $18.58 billion education proposal, making it clear he will continue his extraordinary push for a universal pre-kindergarten program because it is “important in closing educational gaps.” Minnesota struggles to close educational gaps after 13 grades. Herding all 4-year-olds into another grade will neither level the playing field between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers nor be the full game changer at-risk students need....

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Calling All Graduates! Great Jobs Without A Four-Year Degree

It's that time of year again--graduation. Graduates of the Class of 2017 have already made up their minds for the most part on what comes next. For many, perhaps even most, there was never any doubt about enrolling in a four-year college or university. But there are alternative programs that lead to well-paying jobs and fulfilling careers in high-tech health care, the trades and other fields--without piling up a mountain of debt. That's the focus of American Experiment's recently launched "Great Jobs Without A Four-Year Degree" initiative. The Center's Mitch Pearlstein will be in Staples next Tuesday to discuss what it...

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St. Paul Schools Blame Teacher for Getting Beaten Up and Disabled

These days more than ever teachers need to know school administrators have their back. But a case of a beaten-up teacher shows St. Paul Public Schools care more about political correctness than providing safety for both faculty and students. The Central High teacher battered by a student in a lunchroom attack in 2015 was in U.S. District Court Thursday hoping to keep alive his civil suit against the St. Paul Public Schools. John Ekblad alleges that the district failed to protect him from violence when he tried to intervene in a fight and was slammed onto a table and choked into unconsciousness by a...

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“Even if You Do Go to College, Learn a Trade in the Summers”

“The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman playing Benjamin Braddock, came out a scary 50 years ago, in 1967.  Yes, it featured Ann Bancroft playing Mrs. Robinson.  And yes, Katharine Ross played Ben’s true love, Elaine, who just happened to be Mrs. Robinson’s daughter.  But if you’re a truly practical person, I would like to think that before recalling any of the beautiful women who headlined Ben’s complicated summer, your first memory is of the career advice he received from a family friend first thing in the movie. Mr. McGuire: “I just want to say one word to you.  Just one word.” Benjamin: “Yes,...

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How to Rein in State Pre-K Program While Helping At-Risk Kids

It's coming down to the wire again at the state legislature with Gov. Dayton going all-out once more for expanding Pre-K funding. But American Experiment's Kim Crockett points out in the Duluth News Tribune that it may not be designed so much for the kids as for the teachers' union. The governor's office and the statewide teachers' union Education Minnesota have made it clear that, once again, one of the top DFL priorities is universal pre-kindergarten classes. What started as a private scholarship program for at-risk kids has morphed into a nursery-school pilot program at our K-12 schools. And now the...

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Gov. Dayton should take olive branch offered on pre-K

Duluth News Tribune The governor's office and the statewide teachers' union Education Minnesota have made it clear that, once again, one of the top DFL priorities is universal pre-kindergarten classes. What started as a private scholarship program for at-risk kids has morphed into a nursery-school pilot program at our K-12 schools. And now the governor wants all 4-years-olds in school. This is the issue that forced a special session last year. In order to get a K-12 education bill signed, the Legislature provided $25 million to serve 74 school districts and 3,300 preschool-aged kids under a pilot program. Children as young as...

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Center Launches Major New Education Program

Wednesday afternoon, American Experiment launched its "Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree" project with a kickoff event at the Minnesota History Center. The keynote speech was delivered by Nick Eberstadt, author of Men Without Work, and Kathy Kersten and Mitch Pearlstein laid out some of their plans for the project. [caption id="attachment_6303" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Nick Eberstadt, speaking art Wednesday's kickoff event[/caption] The event was well-attended despite heavy rain and traffic delays. Guests included educators, union representatives, corporate executives, employees of relevant state agencies, and others. The Star Tribune has a good report on the event: [T]he problem continues to grow in the state...

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