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Summit Academy provides tuition-free training that gives Minnesotans new opportunities

Minnesota’s Information Technology (IT) industry sector is struggling, like so many others, to find skilled workers. An innovative new joint venture between Summit Academy OIC and Atomic Data Company is working to change that. The partnership focuses on preparing low-income people and those from historically disadvantaged groups to fill the IT jobs currently going begging in the Twin Cities region....

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“Opportunity Connect”: Bridging Education and Employment Through A Unique Pilot Initiative

Over the past number of years, we have seen increased interest in forward-thinking businesses working with innovative schools to expand students’ horizons. Both schools and businesses share a common goal: maximizing achievement and growth, educationally and occupationally. Due to forecasted labor shortages, the need for connections between classrooms and businesses is heightened....

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Excerpts from the Center’s New Book: Education Roads Less Traveled

The following excerpts are from Chapter Five, “Potential Economic Detours,” in Mitch Pearlstein’s new book, Education Roads Less Traveled: Solving America’s Fixation on Four-Year Degrees.  Published by Rowman & Littlefield, it will be released in April.  Stay tuned for information about a big book party....

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Lost Labor Now Found

In today’s tight labor market, employers are being increasingly creative in their search for workforce talent. One new source: Disabled people. In 2017, more than 51,000 individuals left the disability rolls nationwide because they found “gainful” employment. That’s the highest number on record since 2002, according to The Wall Street Journal....

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“How College Debt Ate My Parents’ 401k”

The Wall Street Journal ran a particularly sobering story recently (February 2-3) about how “Older Americans are being crushed by a mountain of student loans—their children’s and their own.”  How badly crushed, exactly?  Some numbers from the article, “Student Debt at 65,” by AnnaMaria Andriotis: “One generation of Americans owed $86 billion in student loans at last count. Its members are all 60 years old or more.” “On average, student loan borrowers in their 60s owed $33,800 in 2017, up 44% from 2010.” “The federal government disbursed $12.7 billion in new ‘Parent Plus’ loans during the 2017-18 academic year, up...

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STEMentor in the Twin Cities Preps Students for STEM Careers

There is a scarcity of workers with basic STEM competencies across the entire economy, touching on virtually every industry. Think of this problem as a lack of basic STEM literacy. How might this deep, country-wide problem be alleviated? A major step in the right direction is the growing number of educational, industrial, and other programs aimed at increasing fundamental STEM competence....

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