Check Out American Experiment’s New Scandal Tracker

The cover story in the current issue of Thinking Minnesota is titled “The Masquerade of Good Government.” Written by veteran investigative reporter Tom Steward, it documents the extraordinary series of scandals that have shaken Minnesota’s state government in recent years. Our polling shows that most Minnesotans still think of their state’s government as progressive, clean, and relatively efficient. That description might have been accurate 40 or 50 years ago, but no longer, as Steward’s article shows. Minnesotans need to begin demanding more from their government.

This morning, the Center released its Scandal Tracker. This is a product of the magazine cover story. It provides basic data and a time line for Minnesota’s recent series of scandals. This is the press release that accompanied release of the Scandal Tracker. Click to enlarge:

Please check out the Scandal Tracker, linked here and embedded immediately below. It is a living Google Document. We will add to it as new scandals are reported, or additional information becomes available about the scandals that are already listed. If you have information you think should be added to the Scandal Tracker, please send it to [email protected].