Check Out Our New Radio Ads on Traffic Congestion

As you probably know, we have a billboard on the Twin Cities’ traffic mess at the intersection of Highways 494 and 35W:

It has gotten a lot of attention, for obvious reasons. We are about to kick off the next phase of our 2018 congestion campaign with a pair of radio ads which will be played on a wide range of stations, along with 15-second sponsorships of traffic announcements. They seek to focus attention on the fact that the Twin Cities’ congestion problem is much worse than it should be for an urban area our size, and there is a reason: unelected bureaucrats are pursuing a left-wing agenda, trying to micro-manage the way we live by driving us out of our cars and onto trains and bicycles. They view congestion as a feature, not a bug.

Here are the radio ads; you will be hearing them on the air before long:

You can learn much more about the Twin Cities’ congestion mess at