Corey DeAngelis on education: ‘A one size system is never going to work for every single family’

Discussing his new book and upcoming event next Wednesday in St. Paul, national school choice expert Corey DeAngelis joined the Jon Justice show Monday morning to discuss how government schools are failing today’s students.

“A one size system is never going to work for every single family,” remarks DeAngelis. By definition, a top-down, one-size-fits-all model of education will always leave students behind. Which makes ensuring that families have education options outside of government schools — and can access them — all the more important.

“School choice advocates would say parents are the best decision-makers for their kids,”
continues DeAngelis. “They have the best information when it comes to their kids’ educational needs, and they care about their kids more than anyone else so they should be in the driver’s seat to take their children’s education … to the school that works best for them.”

Listen to Corey DeAngelis’s full remarks on the Jon Justice Show below. And make sure you have your ticket for next Wednesday’s event (May 10) to hear from Corey DeAngelis in-person at the Radisson Hotel near the Capitol in St. Paul!