County board puts Walz on notice over opposition to new state flag

So much for the newly designed official Minnesota flag serving as a vehicle to unify state residents. It may have taken a few days to sink in with the public, given the unveiling of the bland design chosen to replace the current flag during the height of the holidays.

But members of the Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners say the number of complaints continues to pile up from constituents riled up over the DFL-controlled legislature’s cancellation of the traditional state flag and seal.

“I have heard a lot of displeasure from my constituents over the changing of the Minnesota flag,” said Crow Wing County Commissioner Paul Koering at a December 26 board meeting. “In my mind, it’s like we’re whitewashing our history because somebody’s offended by something on the flag, which I don’t understand at all.”

Other board members confirmed they’ve also received a chorus of negative responses from residents of the north central Minnesota county regarding the politically correct new version of the flag.

“They don’t understand why we’d change the flag,” said Crow Wing County Commissioner Steve Barrows. “I have to say I’m not sure how changing our flag is going to advance our society…I don’t see the sense in it. I’m very proud of our current flag.”

Besides opposing the need to replace the current flag in the first place, commissioners turned to a more nuts and bolts concern. It’s the expense of replacing the badges, decals, signs, stationery and flags bearing the official state seal.

“Look at the cost to taxpayers,” Koering said. “Look at that seal that’s right behind you. We’d have to replace that. I never realized how many seals there are all round the county.”

In the end, commissioners voted unanimously to draft a resolution to approve at their next meeting declaring their opposition to the unpopular new state flag and seal to Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders.