Derrick Thompson formally indicted on federal drug/gun charges

Some six months after his fatal car crash that took the lives of 5 young women on Lake Street in Minneapolis, Derrick Thompson was officially indicted on federal drug distribution and gun possession charges.

The son of disgraced former state Rep. John Thompson (DFL-St. Paul) still faces 10 felony counts in state court in the fatal car crash. And there is that probation violation back in California. The federal case revolves around what was found in Thompson’s rented Cadillac Escalade that night in June.

The inventory from the Federal case,

After obtaining a warrant to search the SUV, officers found a black leather bag on the front passenger side floor that contained a loaded Glock pistol with an extended magazine, as well as three baggies containing more than 2,000 blue “M-Box 30” fentanyl pills, a baggie containing an additional 14 grams of powder fentanyl, a baggie containing 13 MDMA pills, a baggie containing 35 grams of cocaine, and a digital scale.

Omitted from this account was the baggie of marijuana also found, now legal in Minnesota.

The new indictment sheds no new light on the vanished passenger described in the page 4 footnote in the original federal complaint. But the indictment does contain three counts lodged against the four-time felon,

  • Count 1: possession with intent to distribute fentanyl
  • Count 2: felon in possession of a firearm
  • Count 3: carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime

Under the indictment, the Glock pistol is subject to forfeiture. Thompson will appear in Federal court on some future date.