Driver charged with four felonies in fatal Robbinsdale crash

Another incident eerily similar to the Derrick Thompson crash: a rented luxury car, a brief but abandoned pursuit by law enforcement, speeds up to 90 MPH, a fatal crash, and copious evidence found of other criminal activity.

In this instance, according to the charging document, on Saturday night, 20-year-old Quintin Leon Hudson of Minneapolis, was speeding in Robbinsdale in a Telsa he borrowed that was originally rented from a private owner.

He was spotted by a local Robbinsdale police car, who briefly gave chase. Moments later Hudson blew through a stop sign, and hit a minivan, killing the young mother-of-two driver and seriously injuring her husband. Fortunately, their young daughters were not in the vehicle at that time.

Local news coverage from Fox 9, KSTP, Star Tribune.

The husband remains in the hospital, while Hudson was released on Tuesday and booked in the county jail. He was charged with four felonies, two for each victim of the crash.

He was charged with two counts of fleeing police and two counts for the fatality/injury caused. The charging document notes that Hudson doesn’t hold a valid driver’s license: he was driving solo on a learner’s permit.

When asked why he didn’t stop for police, Hudson replied that he “didn’t want to.”

A search of the rented Tesla found $4,000 in cash and a number of credit cards belonging to neither Hudson nor anyone associated with the vehicle. While driving the car, alone, he was wearing a face mask. As with Thompson, we are still waiting for the results of the toxicology report.

He is being held in county jail on $500,000 bail/bond. Hudson made his first court appearance July 13. He remains in custody with a next court date scheduled for early August.