Edina Lefties Try to Push Back, But Fail Miserably

For a week or more, leftists in Edina have been yammering on Facebook about how they were going to collect a huge number of Thinking Minnesota magazines that were mailed to residents of Edina, and deliver them to our office. Today, they finally tried to do so. Two women showed up at our office with a big box that contained a few copies of Thinking Minnesota. I introduced myself and invited them to come in, saying that I wanted to interview them. They refused to go beyond the entrance to our office, and one of them wouldn’t even tell me her name. Which tells you how proud she is of her far-left activities.

I tried to engage these two liberals in a rational discussion of Kathy Kersten’s famous article, but it was hopeless. They claimed to have read the article, but couldn’t discuss it intelligently. As best I could interpret their answers to my questions, they claim that the many Edina students, parents, teachers and bus drivers who have related stories of bullying in the Edina schools are all liars. Of course, they had no information to the contrary.

They denied that test scores in Edina are falling, but when I pointed out that the Edina School Board admitted that scores have fallen in a meeting last week, they lamely suggested that it must be due to something other than the school district’s obsessive focus on left-wing politics. They seemed to think that if they said the word “race” over and over again, the argument must be over. Frankly, it was rather creepy. Eventually they fled without ever making a coherent argument.

Here’s the funny part: after the great Facebook campaign that they mounted, how many magazines did they collect from Edina liberals to return to our office? FOURTEEN!! Out of 80,000 that were printed and 27,230 that went to residents of Edina. These liberals who side with the Edina school district’s obsessive leftism are obviously a tiny minority.

A tiny minority that needs to have its mouth washed out with soap. Here are the paltry 14 copies of our magazine that they returned to us, scrawled with obscenities. And these people call themselves “Edina Moms!”

Now, contrast that pitiful stack of fourteen magazines with the literally thousands of cards and emails that we are getting from people who want to subscribe to Thinking Minnesota. Many of these cards and emails come from Edina, while others are from just about every community in Minnesota, and others from out of state:

Why does the Left consistently lose debates? Because Leftists don’t have any facts, and they don’t have any arguments. All they know is to smear and try to bully those who disagree with them. Don’t let the Left get away with it! Declare your independence from the bullying Left by subscribing to Thinking Minnesota for free! Just send your name and address to [email protected], as thousands of others are doing. Thinking Minnesota is now the second-largest magazine in Minnesota, by circulation. The out-of-ammo Leftists can’t do a thing to slow our momentum.