Enjoy Your Fossil-Fueled 4th of July!

It’s almost America’s birthday, so make sure to celebrate in style and enjoy time with your friends and family. But as you celebrate, you may want to pay attention to the role fossil fuels play in your ability to enjoy the holiday.

As you can see, coal, natural gas, and oil comprise the vast majority of all the energy consumed in Minnesota. This means your radios, air conditioners, and lawnmowers are probably all powered by fossil fuels.

Your hamburgers may be cooked on a gas grill, or you may use oil-derived lighter fluid to start the charcoal. If you use an electric starter, just remember it’s probably powered by coal-fired electricity.

Anything plastic is probably derived from oil and natural gas products. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find products that don’t contain fossil fuels.

So enjoy your celebration of America’s Independence day, and be happy that fossil fuels have improved your life.