With the election less than two months away, lefty money groups continue to register in Minnesota, in case they are needed to prop up the ruling Democrats.

Late last week, an outfit named Forward Majority Action Minnesota signed up with the state Campaign Finance Board. The parent group, Forward Majority, is dedicated to electing Democrat-majority state legislatures.

Oddly enough, Minnesota is not among their list of target states.

As with all these things, there is a shadowy, dark money, 501c4 nonprofit. In this case, it’s called Fair Democracy, based in New York, and does not disclose donors.

There is the inevitable Soros connection. Robert Soros (George’s eldest son) gave $200,000 to the national group back in June.

What’s odd is the strange evolution of the races in Minnesota. KSTP-TV published the results of an on-line poll this week in the Minnesota Governor’s race, showing a once-close race has now shifted to an 18-point lead for the incumbent Democrat Tim Walz.

Soon thereafter, KSTP issued another poll on the down ballot races of Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Auditor. There, the three incumbent Democrats also held leads, but just barely, all within the poll’s margin of error.

Either the races are already over, or they will go down to the wire. Watch your TV screens, the volume of attack ads will tell the tale.