Governor’s intransigence blocks special session

This year there was strong bipartisan support for a special session to do two things: pass a bonding bill, and correct tax legislation that contained an error that, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, could cost Minnesota $100 million. So why didn’t it happen?

Because only the governor can call a special session, and Governor Mark Dayton refused to do so unless Republicans would agree in advance to fund the Southwest Light Rail line. Dayton apparently thought he had the political leverage to add this extraneous demand, but fortunately, Republicans in the legislature refused to be bullied. Southwest Light Rail is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle that would do nothing to ease the congestion of Twin Cities highways that has reached epic levels. In fact, light rail is not even designed or intended to relieve highway congestion, an objective that the Metropolitan Council has explicitly disclaimed.

The Star Tribune quotes Governor Dayton on the failure to obtain a special session, “It’s just all about the politics.” For once, Governor Dayton is right.