I Am Thankful for Many Things: Center Finishes HUGE Year!




Dear Friends,

Thanks to friends like you the Center is finishing our best year yet!  But we both know the stakes are high and there’s much more work to be done, so the CAE Board has agreed to match contributions made by December 31 so American Experiment can begin 2018 in a strong financial position and bring our message of policy solutions to every corner of Minnesota.

donate-nowTherefore, I need to ask you to consider making (in the next couple of days) the most generous tax-deductible gift you can to the Center.

I Am Thankful for Many Things

1. For our small but dedicated staff who work long hours to create a new Minnesota civic culture where conservative and free market ideas are better understood, appreciated, and applied.

2. For the HUGE Increase in Center Outreach.  This year we TRIPLED our outreach from 10 million to over 30 million contacts with Minnesotans through newspapers, magazines, social media, radio, internet, and emails. We have had op-eds in nearly 100 different Minnesota newspapers and have run issue ads on more than 90 Minnesota radio stations.

3. For Thinking Minnesota: Our quarterly magazine is now the second largest in Minnesota with a circulation of over 65,000.  It’s distributed by Ingram Periodicals and available in all Minnesota Barnes & Noble stores.  Our current cover story that exposed left-wing indoctrination and bullying of nonconforming students and teachers in the Edina public schools, created a virtual earthquake, especially after we mailed the issue to every resident in the district.

4. And for the Center’s reputation as the most credible source in town for combating liberal policy agendas and advancing conservative, free market solutions.

But I am also especially thankful for donors and friends like you, who make all our our accomplishments possible.

Could you give us a special boost of support at this key time by making a tax-deductible gift THAT WILL BE MATCHED of $100, $250, $500, or even more?

Thank you for your past support and for considering my special request.  May you, your family, and all of us, enjoy a wonderful new year!

With great respect and appreciation,





John Hinderaker

P.S.  I hope you can help strengthen our hand so we can continue to advance conservative and free market ideas on the front lines, with a special tax-deductible gift of $100, $250, $500, or even more.

For your special tax-deductible gift of $100 or more we’ll give you a year’s subscription to our  glossy 52-page magazine Thinking Minnesota, which is currently reaching 65,000 Minnesota households and growing.