In The Tank (EP186) – Artificially Inflated Green Jobs Numbers, Geoengineering, Tax Freedom Day, and Lindsey Stroud on Vaping

Hello! In the first segment, Isaac gives us a rundown on how “clean energy job creation numbers [are] artificially inflated.” In an effort to pass off renewable energy mandates as a potential job creator, advocates suggest renewable energy is responsible for thousands of jobs. Isaac reveals why this idea is “bunk.”

Next, the trio talk about the idea of geoengineering. A Reason Foundation article titled “New Research Suggests Solar Geoengineering Could Safely Lower Global Temperatures,” makes the case that we should be able to discuss and experiment with these theories.

Supplemental article: 7 Geoengineering Solutions That Might Cause More Damage Than Good

Moving on from energy and environment topics, Donald, Isaac, and Justin turn their attention to the Tax Foundation‘s Tax Freedom Day. This year, tax freedom day falls on April 16th. The three give their takes on the findings of the report.

In the last segment, Donald welcomes to the show Heartland state government relations manager Lindsey Stroud. Lindsey joins the show to talk about her new podcast, the Voices of Vapor, and fills Donald in on the latest newest regarding e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction.