Is this the most dangerous street corner in Minnesota?

We visit the corner of North Lyndale and West Broadway in north Minneapolis. Home of Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas.

For those devotees of the @crimewatchmpls Twitter account, the scene is all too familiar. Scroll down the Crime Watch page and there are almost daily references to incidents at these two business establishments, which continue to operate.

Winner Gas sits at the northeast corner of the intersection of N. Lyndale Avenue and W. Broadway Avenue.

An unremarkable mid-morning scene this summer day. A handful of cars fueling up, but unseen in the background, about a dozen or so young gentlemen who didn’t appear to be otherwise occupied at 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.

Across Lyndale Avenue, on the northweset corner, it’s a less-lively scene this morning at Merwin Liquors.

Reportedly, Merwin is searching for a new location, hoping to sell the block to the adjoining church for redevelopment. The church can be seen at the very end of the video above.