Klobuchar fundraises on bill targeting the influence of money in politics

You can talk with Senator Amy Klobuchar about important policy issues like money in politics. But it could cost you, according to an email from the Minnesota Democratic senator’s campaign committee that was obtained by Business Insider.

The headline? “For $725, You Can Talk To Sen. Amy Klobuchar About How She Wants To Limit The Role Of Money In Politics”

If you pay at least $725 per year, Sen. Amy Klobuchar will invite you into an elite club of donors who have regular policy talks with her.

That’s according to a fundraising message from the Minnesota Democrat’s campaign committee, which is asking supporters to become members of the senator’s “North Star” conversation series. 

The publication says Klobuchar’s campaign email invited supporters to a fundraiser this week, clumsily timed for the day: the so-called “For the People Act,” designed to assert more federal control over voting and target big money in politics went before the Senate. Klobuchar chairs the Senate committee that oversees campaign finance law and federal elections.

On Tuesday night, Klobuchar’s donors can pay to attend a conversation with her and a special guest, Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, to discuss legislation that aims to limit the influence of money in politics. 

Klobuchar’s campaign committee sent would-be donors a detailed list of price points to get exclusive access to conversations with the senator, according to documents obtained by Insider. 

“The North Star Series offers a unique opportunity to stay in touch and grow a dialogue with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar through a salon style series of conversations and opportunities,” the email says. 

The North Star conversations with Klobuchar offer other perks as well to donors who want to be insiders, depending on their generosity.

Members who contribute at least $725 annually have access to “quarterly virtual gatherings with the Senator and special guests, a monthly newsletter, and other unique opportunities.” Members will also serve as “grassroots advisors” to Klobuchar in advance of her 2024 reelection campaign, the email says. 

The four contribution levels are: $1,450 to become a North Star Committee member; $725 to be a North Stars friend; $500 to be a sponsor; and $100 to be a guest. 

It appears that the $500 or $100 donations allow Klobuchar’s supporters to attend the June 22 discussion featuring Warnock. 

Neither senator responded to Business Insider’s request for comment. But others pointed out that Klobuchar’s fundraiser amounts to business as usual in Washington.

Fundraising emails like this aren’t uncommon, said Stephen Spaulding, senior counsel at the nonprofit watchdog group Common Cause. 

“Given where we are, you have to fundraise to run for office,” Spaulding said. “I think members have been clear they’re not going to unilaterally disarm, but they are going to fight to change how the system works.”