Large groups of feral youth disrupt summer

As the weather heats up in Minnesota, hordes of feral youth have begun roaming the countryside.

The media reports have become more and more frequent in recent weeks, involving hundreds of teens/youths congregating and causing disturbances. As the summer progresses, the crowd sizes have increased.

Friday, August 3 — 2 cited after fight involving more than 50 people at Washington County Fair Mentions “more than 50 juveniles and young adults”

Saturday, July 8 — Large house party disbanded in Brooklyn Park, State patrol assists “several hundred young attendees”

Tuesday, July 4 — First charges filed over July 4 fireworks chaos in Minneapolis. “involving many hundreds of young people across the city”

Saturday, July 1 — Brooklyn Park police disperse large crowd at River Park Saturday night

Monday, June 19 — Brooklyn Park fights lead to 2 hospitalizations. “Several hundred juveniles”

Also: Recent park violence has Brooklyn Park police searching for answers to a ‘complex situation’. Mentions a crowd size of 300-400.

Monday, June 12 — downtown St. Paul: Students interrupt Central High School graduation, instigate fights; no arrests made. Reports of 200-300.

Saturday, June 10 — Brooklyn Park: ‘Rowdy’ behavior and fights lead to closure of 2 parks in Brooklyn Park. Reports of 150-200.

Friday, June 9 — Dinkytown Minneapolis: Teen injured by firework, police disperse large crowds in Dinkytown

June 3-4 — Dinkytown Minneapolis: Extra patrols in Dinkytown this weekend after more trouble. “50 to 100 minors”

May 6 — Dinkytown Minneapolis: Multiple teens arrested in separate incidents during chaotic weekend in Dinkytown. “Approximately 50”

Media reports are careful to not include any demographic information in these reports.

Something to keep an eye on.