Light Rail Is a Crime-Ridden Disaster

Advocates of light rail transportation for the Twin Cities imagined a clean, sophisticated, modern mode of transit that would enhance Minnesota’s reputation as a progressive bastion. Unfortunately, that is not what has happened. The Twin Cities’ light rail projects have been disasters.

Crime is rampant, ridership is low, money is steadily being lost. The metro area’s two light rail lines are rapidly becoming eyesores, and worse. Urination and defecation inside train cars and on train platforms have become common, as has the setting of fires in light rail cars to warm hoboes.

Last week, a long-time train operator testified before the Minnesota House. She knows whereof she speaks. Her story is appalling. Our Minnesota ancestors never would have permitted a lawless, anti-social, disgusting environment–financed at public expense!–like that which now dominates our retrograde light rail projects. Sadly, our standards today are far lower.

Here she is:

You be the judge: is light rail a harbinger of a bright “green” future, or is it one more failed government program that has brought only disaster in its wake?