A commonsense vision

A conservative vision of Minnesota’s future

Center of the American Experiment is dedicated to making Minnesota a better place. What does that mean? What is our vision of a better future for Minnesota? A month or so ago I wrote this brief statement. I think it sums up pretty well the direction in which the Center wants to see Minnesota go.

Our vision for Minnesota’s future is a state where:

• A thriving economy creates the best job opportunities in America for our children and grandchildren.

• Economic growth causes people and businesses to move into Minnesota rather than out of Minnesota.

• Small town values are respected, and a farmer’s biggest worry is the weather, not regulations coming out of St. Paul.

• The state’s natural resources—mining, timber, farm land, hunting, and fishing—are optimally developed for the use and enjoyment of Minnesota residents.

• Families can choose the health care plans and programs that best meet their needs, without being dictated to by government.

• The state’s transportation system is designed to allow Minnesotans to get where they want to go efficiently, not to serve the cause of social engineering.

• Cities and counties can govern themselves without undue interference from state and regional authorities.

• Minnesota’s sparkling, sky-blue waters are a model of environmental quality.

• Parents can choose the schools that best suit their children from among multiple public and private options, knowing that wherever they go to school, their children will be safe.

Is that a conservative vision of Minnesota’s future? Perhaps. I don’t shy away from the term. But really, isn’t it a commonsense vision? I have little doubt that a large majority of Minnesotans would agree with these objectives. That is one reason I am confident that the Center will succeed in its mission of transforming Minnesota’s civic culture to enable the bright future that our great state deserves.