Thomas Jefferson said what?

Victoria mayor exposes radical ‘equity’ training in government and schools.

The mayor of the western Twin Cities suburb of Victoria has pulled back the curtain on the radical agenda being promoted under the guise of equity in local government and schools. In a letter to the Chanhassen Villager, Mayor Tom Funk said he was shocked by a supposed “training” program staged for local and county government staff that functioned more as an indoctrination session than education.

Funk wrote his letter after he and other community leaders and staff attended a GARE training session—Government Alliance on Race and Equity— hosted by Eastern Carver County School District 112.

“I was stunned when instructors told us that Thomas Jefferson’s famous words from our Declaration of Independence, ‘All Men Are Created Equal,’ actually mean that only white male property owners can vote. They said the phrase ‘Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance is an example of our ‘Christian Privilege.’ They similarly twisted Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg Address.’”

The radical rhetoric did not go over well with Funk, whose 16-year career in Army intelligence helped frame his concept of America.

“I know just how great our country is. I took issue with these ‘equity’ views that delegitimize the meaning of our Founding Fathers,” he said. “They are directly attacking America by perverting our history.”

Funk left the training session early, “upset with the anti-American indoctrination.”

Wondering whether the “nonsense” had made its way into district classrooms, Funk looked into GARE and discovered that it’s not just local and state government employees who are subjected to this revisionist history at taxpayer expense.

The District 112 Equity Advisory Council (EAC), a council hand-selected to facilitate an equity agenda into the Carver County schools, showed interest in adopting the tenets of GARE.

In his role as mayor, Funk asked to attend an EAC meeting but was denied admission, being told the meetings are closed to the public.

“Yet the EAC meeting minutes show that Minneapolis community activists along with other outside community members attended EAC meetings (summer 2019),” he said. “Wow—what are they trying to hide? Where is the transparency?”