Millennials Voted On the Economy

This Millennial Impact Report survey is interesting, but beware–the sample size is only 350. Still, the findings are fascinating:

The organization found that millennials had considered education to be the most important topic during the election through each of three waves of surveying.

However, this changed when respondents were surveyed between Nov. 9 and Nov. 14. The survey showed employment and wages were the primary concern for millennial voters.

Which means they wised up! The country’s slow growth during the liberal Obama years didn’t do much damage to middle-aged Americans who already had jobs, and quantitative easing improved their bank accounts. But these policies did nothing for young people, and quite a few of them were smart enough to figure that out.

In addition, the survey showed that the number of millennial voters who said they voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump nearly doubled postelection compared to those who said they were voting for him before the election.

Most millennials who gave their rationale for voting for Trump said he had the highest possibility of improving the economy since he was a businessman.

This is fascinating too. Were lots of millennials sheepish about telling pollsters they intended to vote for Trump? Or did they swing to Trump during the last days of the campaign, as they focused on what was really important to them–the economy?

41lhbnp1nwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_This survey fits very well with the Center’s plans for 2017. The over-arching theme of our quarterly lunch forums will be, Why liberal policies are bad for young people. Our first forum will be on February 22, when Diana Furchtgott-Roth will talk about her new book Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America’s Young. Millennials need to understand that they are being fleeced by liberals. Liberalism has nothing to offer them, and the slow growth that is the corollary of liberalism will stifle their careers.

If the Millennial Impact Report is right, quite a few of them are starting to figure this out.