Hordes of feral youth create Minneapolis Mayhem on the 4th of July

The Star Tribune reports on “disturbances involving many hundreds of young people across the city late at night on July 4th.”

They actually use the word “mayhem” (2nd paragraph).

I have been logging the incidents so far this summer involving large bands of feral youth here.

You will recall that authorities in Minneapolis closed the Stone Arch Bridge nightly during the extended holiday weekend in an effort to avoid the mayhem that occurred last year in the area.

The only thing the bridge closure accomplished was to shift the scenes of mayhem to other parts of town.

Independent journalist Rebecca Brannon, of course, has video of the events in this Twitter thread and elsewhere in her Twitter feed from the night of the 4th and the morning after.

Fireworks were fired at police, police cars, and at civilians, too. Sixteen arrests were made, mostly juveniles.

Additional July 4 mayhem coverage from Fox 9, KARE 11, and WCCO.

Of the six adults arrested that night, four have been released without charge. That leaves two still charged.

A third person, arrested later in the week, is pleading self defense to the change of shooting fireworks at another moving vehicle. I’m not kidding.

Looking ahead to this weekend, local imams will be hitting the streets of Dinkytown to help disrupt the almost nightly disruptions from local young people.

The summer is just getting started.