Minneapolis auto thefts pass 5,000 mark for 2023

Consulting the current Minneapolis crime dashboard, auto thefts in the city stand at 5,177 year-to-date (as of August 7). That works out to almost exactly one care stolen every hour.

That number is considerably higher than the 3,232 recorded at this point last year, and nearly double the three-year average (YTD) of 2,692.

The dashboard does not separately break out carjackings, a newly recognized offense under state law.

Earlier this week, national columnist Byron York was tweeting about crime rates in the District of Columbia. A figure that caught my eye indicated that auto theft was up 115 percent in the District, so far this year.

Consulting the Washington, DC, crime dashboard confirms that the District is up to 4,665 auto thefts so far this year.

The District has a population 60 percent larger than the City of Minneapolis, but their surging auto theft problem is 11 percent lower than Minneapolis.

Go figure.