Minnesota is now a high crime state!

According to the most recent Bureau of Criminal Apprehension data, Minnesota is now above the national average for Part 1 crimes like murder, assault, rape and carjackings.

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What you’re seeing on the news or maybe even experiencing in person is now backed up by data. It’s been over two years since the death of George Floyd and Minnesota is not getting safer. We need political leaders at all levels to respond to the persistent lawlessness happening in our state.

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Report: Minnesota’s Crime Problem

Minnesotans have had the good fortune to live in a low-crime state — historically. That changed in 2020. Minnesota’s crime rate is now higher than the national average. All rates per 100,000 in population

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Poll: What do Minnesotans think?

American Experiment polled 500 Minnesotans from Nov. 30 — Dec. 2, 2021, on questions of crime, the state budget surplus, and public schools. To learn more about the poll and see the complete breakdown, click here.

Crime in the News

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The Criminal Injustice tracker exposes the public instances where a suspected violent criminal has been inexplicably released from jail potentially putting the entire community at risk.

We’re naming names.

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