Minnesota isn’t the fifth best state for business and its about to get worse

It is ludicrous enough already that people are seriously touting Minnesota as the fifth-best state for business, but the situation is about to get even worse with the imposition of the paid family and medical leave program.

Fox News reports:

“Innovated Building Concepts” co-owners Jerrilynn and Pat Sweeney spoke out on the new law during “Fox & Friends,” saying they might have to close their doors over the costs accrued as a result of the policy. 

“We have to with the sick and paid time off, we have to accrue… up to 48 hours every year for each employee that we have, which will be an expense to our financial statement and make things very difficult,” Jerrilynn told Joey Jones Tuesday. 

“That’s a lot of wages to be accruing for if they don’t use it, or they use it, and it’s still costing us money,” she continued.

As passed, the bill allows workers to take 12 weeks each of family or medical-related leave, with the total caped at 20 weeks. This will be funded by a brand new 0.7% payroll tax operated by a brand new state bureaucracy employing 400 people. Nobody – including the state government – really knows how much this is going to cost.  

“I think that they should all, every one of them in office, should own a business, successful business, before they’re elected into office. They’ll get educated real quick,” Pat said. 

That might be no bad thing.