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High interest on credit cards? Blame strict regulation for that

Unsecured debt like credit cards is generally associated with a high-risk premium. This manifests through high-interest rates in the case of credit cards. However, starting in 2010 this risk climbed up dramatically. According to new research, this trend can be explained by new regulations that followed the financial crisis....

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Literature on childcare says strict regulation on childcare=higher prices

Proponents of strict childcare regulation in Minnesota usually shoot down regulation reform proposals based on the idea that current strict standards are responsible for high-quality childcare. However, evidence shows that this is not factual.  Most measures that the Minnesota Department of Services uses to analyze quality like child-staff ratios and group sizes have no discernible effect on quality. Instead, they only work to raise costs for providers, effectively raising prices for parents, and making it harder for providers to make profits. ...

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In Blow to Minnesota’s Farmers, District Court Revives Obama’s WOTUS Rule

Farmers across Minnesota are now cast into regulatory uncertainty as the U.S. District Court in South Carolina ruled against the Trump administration's attempt to block the Obama-era Waters of the United States rule from becoming law.  As a result, the rule is operative again in 26 states where district courts haven’t halted the regulation....

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