Minnesota Mayhem: University problem house

1721 University Avenue has become an infamous address at the University of Minneapolis’ main campus.

The building sits on fraternity row, close to the Williams basketball arena. The building dates from 1908, and the property is owned by an entity called Students’ Co-Operative Incorporated. The cooperative was founded in 1940.

The house was the scene of a shooting on June 3, where 50 rounds were fired and a 15-year-old was injured. It turned out that none of the residents of the house were University students.

All the residents of the house were evicted and the building is currently under renovation.

As of July 12, the University police force continues to have the property under surveillance from across the street.

The long-term plan may be to have a fraternity or sorority to take over the house.

In the meantime, the University is holding a series of community meetings on the campus crime problem.