Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

We have more than once debunked the claim–often asserted by liberals–that Minnesota’s recent economic performance under Governor Dayton has been better than Wisconsin’s performance under Governor Walker. This is alleged to be evidence that Minnesota’s liberal policies are working. The argument is silly for a number of reasons, including the fact that while Wisconsin may have a Republican governor, it is anything but a red state. And Minnesota’s economy has been stronger than Wisconsin’s for many years, as Peter Nelson has pointed out on this site.

This new video by Jeff Johnson makes some of these points in an entertaining way. As Jeff concludes, the only significant difference between Minnesota’s economic performance and Wisconsin’s in recent years is that the average Wisconsin worker has seen much better increases in his take-home pay:

If you want to know everything about Minnesota’s economic performance in recent years, take a look at the Center’s August 2016 report by Dr. Joseph Kennedy, titled Minnesota’s Economy: Mediocre Performance Threatens State’s Future.