Minnesota’s “Antifascists” Are Fascists

I totally missed the rise of the “alt-right.” Despite being personally acquainted with hundreds if not thousands of conservative activists, I had never heard of the “alt-right” until Democrats started talking about it during the last election season.

Similarly, the “antifa” movement–antifa being short for antifascist–sprang up from nowhere. The difference being, I think, that the antifa movement actually exists. I know it exists because antifas keep starting fights.

Yesterday there were anti-Sharia law marches and demonstrations in cities across the country. They were met by counter-demonstrations by people who are pro-Sharia, or something. Frankly, I am confused on that point. Here in Minnesota, there were a demonstration and a counter-demonstration. The Star Tribune reports: “Fights break out during dueling rallies at Minnesota State Capitol.”

A group of more than 300 counterprotesters gathered on the Capitol steps in response to a “March Against Sharia,” an event held inside asserting that sharia, a set of Muslim principles drawn from the Qur’an and the teachings of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, is a threat to American democracy.

Sharia law is obviously incompatible with our Constitution, our laws and our culture. The only question is whether its adherents are too few to be a threat.

The anti-sharia event was organized by ACT for America, which has been classified as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Oh, please. Everyone knows that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a discredited left-wing hate group.


The fights culminated in seven arrests, most of them counterprotesters.

Of course.

As counterprotesters chanted, “Off our streets, Nazi scum!” state troopers surrounded the anti-sharia group and began to escort them to a nearby building.

I realize that the antifas aren’t interested in history, but for what it is worth, the pro-Sharia Muslims were allied with the Nazis and considered Hitler a hero, not “scum.”

Several fights then erupted between the two groups, drawing shoves, kicks and fists. Troopers lined up to separate the counterprotesters from the anti-sharia group, who were backed up against a building across the Capitol lawn.
More chaos then erupted between some counterprotesters and police, with officers continuing to detain people and place them in squad cars.

The antifas have adopted the age-old trick of calling themselves the opposite of what they are. In reality, they are Brownshirts, fascists. They attack lawful demonstrations, they don black masks and throw bricks through store windows, they assault political opponents when they have them outnumbered and police officers when they think they can get away with it.

The antifas think they are street fighting men, but in fact they fall considerably short. They apparently want a civil war, but I doubt that they are serious. The Democrats started one civil war, and it didn’t end well for them. The current generation of pajama boys would fare much worse.