More Than 1,800 Minnesotans Have Said “NO!” To Xcel Energy’s Green New Deal

More than 1,800 Minnesotans have signed American Experiment’s petition opposing Xcel Energy’s attempt to make you pay for their Green New Deal. You can sign this petition by clicking here.

Environmental groups are constantly lobbying regulatory agencies like the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to mandate or approve more unreliable and expensive forms of energy like wind and solar, which is why this unprecedented level of engagement from conservatives is so important. There is strong opposition to this plan, which will make our electricity less reliable and more expensive, and Xcel and government agencies need to know it.

Xcel’s plan would shut down their reliable, affordable coal-fired power plants years before the end of their useful lifetime so the government-sanctioned monopoly can pad its government-approved profits by building enormous quantities of solar panels and other power plants.

Mitch Rolling has looked closely at Xcel’s plan and modeled the cost, finding that it will cost an average of $1,428 for each of Xcel’s customers. However, the real problem with this proposal is that it will result in massive increases in the cost of electricity for Minnesota businesses, particularly energy-intensive industries like manufacturing.

Manufacturing is an enormous portion of Minnesota’s economy, and rising electricity prices threaten to incentivize manufacturers to seek new locations with lower overhead costs. This could be another state, or another country.

If we want more products to be “Made in Minnesota,” we need to make sure that it makes sense for entrepreneurs to start and keep businesses in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Unfortunately, Xcel’s proposed plan would give them another reason to leave.