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More Than 1,800 Minnesotans Have Said “NO!” To Xcel Energy’s Green New Deal

More than 1,800 Minnesotans have signed American Experiment's petition opposing Xcel Energy's attempt to make you pay for their Green New Deal. You can sign this petition by clicking here. Environmental groups are constantly lobbying regulatory agencies like the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to mandate or approve more unreliable and expensive forms of energy like wind and solar, which is why this unprecedented level of engagement from conservatives is so important. There is strong opposition to this plan, which will make our electricity less reliable and more expensive, and Xcel and government agencies need to know it. Xcel's plan would shut down...

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Keith Ellison Questions Xcel Energy’s Spending Plans Due to Rising Electricity Prices

The office of the Attorney General (AG) is pushing back against an attempt by the Minnesota Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) to fast-track billions of dollars in spending from Xcel Energy, according to a recent article in the Star Tribune. Such an increase in spending by the company would necessarily result in enormous increases in electricity prices for Minnesota families and businesses....

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Surprising No One, Xcel Is Raising Electricity Prices 20 Percent

The most expensive electricity rates in Minnesota

Xcel Energy is proposing to raise electricity prices by 20 percent in the coming years to fund a $597 million spending spree, according to a new article in the Star Tribune. The huge increase in electricity prices comes at the worst possible time for Minnesota. Our state has been battered by COVID-19 and the government-mandated shutdown of our economy to combat the virus. The economy has also suffered in the wake of the riots that erupted in the Twin Cities as a result of the death of George Floyd in police custody and the surge in murders, carjackings, and other violence...

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Xcel Energy Ties Executive Pay to Emissions Goals: Minnesotans Pay the Price

Government-approved monopolies like Xcel Energy operate under a perverse incentive structure in Minnesota. The more these companies spend on new wind turbines, solar panels, and natural gas plants, the higher their government guaranteed profit soar. This is why Xcel Energy's corporate profits have increased in lock-step with renewable energy generation. Another factor influencing Xcel Energy's advocacy of closing down their coal plants decades before the end of their useful lifetimes and building wind and solar is the fact that Xcel is one of the few utilities to tie executive compensation to performance on emissions goals. This incentive was established as early...

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Xcel’s Electric Vehicle Scheme Will Give Wealthy Liberals More of Your Money

Last weekend, the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote an article about Xcel Energy's plans to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by giving rebates of up to $2,500 to people who purchase EVs. These rebates, which would most likely be paid to wealthy urban liberals, would be paid for using your money. Xcel Energy is NOT a Private Company It's always important to remember that Xcel isn't really a private business, they are a government approved monopoly. As an Xcel customer, you have no freedom to choose another provider if you want to shop around for a better deal....

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Xcel Energy Provides Strong Testimony Against the Community Solar Program

I have a lot of policy disagreements with Xcel Energy, but I firmly believe it is important to give credit when credit is due. The video below is from last week, and it shows Rick Evans of Xcel Energy testifying about the huge inefficiencies related to the Community Solar program. Evans makes many of the same arguments Center of the American Experiment makes about wind and solar every day. https://youtu.be/I-jPAY1wL-4?t=3431 Evans states: "Our customers are required to pay triple the cost of solar energy, in an unlimited quantity, that comes on to our system regardless of whether we need it or not. First of...

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Real Clear Energy: Money & Power: New FOIA’d Documents Offer Ugly Candor About ‘Green Energy’

The article below was originally written by Chris Horner and it appeared at Real Clear Energy. I've added my own commentary within the text of the article below. "Recently, excerpts from notes taken at a meeting at the Rockefeller family mansion between activists, donors and political appointees emerged. They contain further revelations, beyond those first reported. These notes quote numerous, high-ranking political appointees from state government making quite clear that the costly lessons of scandalous Obama-era parade of high-profile and costly green energy boondoggles changed nothing. “Green energy” remains about money and power. As in keeping power, not generating it. The handwritten and typed notes...

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Our Perspective: Xcel Quarterly Profits up 35 Percent, Buoyed by Rate Increases

The Star Tribune published a bombshell story last Thursday entitled "Xcel Quarterly Profits up 35 Percent, Buoyed by Rate Increases," which reported Xcel Energy's quarterly profits for the last quarter of 2019, but unfortunately, unless people understand energy policy in Minnesota, they would have no idea why this story is so explosive. According to the Star Tribune article: "Xcel Energy’s fourth-quarter profits rose 35% and beat Wall Street forecasts, aided by rate increases in several states." Higher electric and natural gas profit margins, primarily due to rate increases, added 37 cents per share in 2019, said a report Thursday by Travis Miller, a...

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Despite Massive Wind and Solar Spending, Minnesota Carbon Dioxide Emissions Essentially Flat Since 2012

When lawmakers like Governor Tim Walz and members of the Minnesota House of Representatives call for massively increasing the amount of wind and solar on the grid, they often do so because they claim climate change is an "existential crisis." If these lawmakers truly believe this talking point, though, they wouldn't be advocating for building more wind and solar. This is because Minnesota has seen virtually no decline in annual CO2 emissions since 2012, despite the fact that we have seen wind and solar capacity increase by 50 percent during this time frame, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data. The...

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