Naming names: Criminal Injustice webpage calls out revolving door

It’s time to name names. Center of the American Experiment today launched an online resource that will expose judges and prosecutors who refuse to hold career criminals accountable for their crimes. The Criminal Injustice website will regularly post specific details of crimes, criminals and the prosecutors and judges who spin them through the revolving door of justice so they can offend again.  

American Experiment’s Criminal Injustice Tracker will highlight the public instances where a suspected violent criminal has been inexplicably released from jail, potentially putting the entire community at risk.

“Minnesotans are very concerned about the level of crime in our state, and they are tired of judges and prosecutors setting violent career criminals free in our communities to commit more crimes,” said Jeff Van Nest, Policy Fellow for Public Safety and Criminal Justice at American Experiment. “It’s time to hold the system accountable so everyone will know who put community safety at risk.”  

The Criminal Injustice website can be found at

Minnesotans are encouraged to offer tips on cases in their communities that should be featured on the Criminal Injustice website at [email protected].