New Proposal to Defund Minneapolis Police Riles Up Residents

This image of an attempted carjacking and robbery of a woman at gunpoint sums up the threat to everyday life for residents of Minneapolis, even in the quaint neighborhood of Tangletown.

There’s been a more than 300 percent rise in carjackings this year, many in neighborhoods long considered off-limits to violent crime.

But the flakes on the Minneapolis City Council seem oblivious to the threat their policies present to the lives and livelihoods of residents and businesses. How else to explain the newest proposal reported by the Star Tribune to defund and reduce the number of police officers in the midst of a violent crime crisis throughout the city?

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender and two other members unveiled a plan Friday to cut nearly $8 million from the Minneapolis Police Department and limit the number of officers it can hire to the already depleted force.

The announcement drew early concerns from Mayor Jacob Frey’s office and set the tone for a frantic week and a half of budget negotiations as some look to cut from the department and others aim to bolster it amid a spike in violent crime.

Yet the latest attack on the police drew a swift response on the Uptown Crime Facebook platform from Minneapolis residents who now monitor every move made by their elected officials.

I think for many, as well as myself, I feel very intimidated to join but I’m FED UP! This situation has really effected how I move throughout the city and where I spend my money! I worry about being articulate enough. (Wendy G.)

The city council let my business burn. Before riots I made 1000.00 a month and now I make 300 a month if I’m lucky. And all the rioters are sitting at their homes… While I was freezing last night in my van with my dogs (Ni J.)

Lisa Bender is dogmatic on what SHE wants to do right or wrong. She is paying zero attention re the crimes inflicted on her constituents nor is she listening to what a large percentage of her constituents want ie: Safety, Police Protection. (Anita M.)

I don’t know who the city council thinks their representing! Certainly not the people their suppose to serve! Crime keeps going up and they give criminals more power! Sooo sad! I’ve always loved Minneapolis and taken pride in my city and state! But sad to see the ones that only want to destroy it are the ones making the calls! (Bret H.)

Thefts are completely out of control in this city, yet in their plan they mention having non police resources respond for non emergency’s like thefts. They are literally spelling out for the criminals what avenue of crime they should commit. (James M.)

Of course, residents who support increased police presence in Minneapolis need to do more than vent on social media to become a political force and make a difference. They’re being urged to show up in numbers online for the virtual public city council council budget meetings starting on Wednesday.

If you care about the direction of our city, you will phone-in Wed to the City Council budget hearing and tell them: Enough is Enough! (Bill R.)

The entire Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey will be up for election just 11 months from now.