“No Safe Spaces” Screening Was a Smash

Last night, the Center hosted a pre-screening of No Safe Spaces, a documentary that will be released in the Fall. In riveting fashion, it tells the story of the Left’s attack on free speech, which began on America’s campuses but has spread into the rest of our society. The movie features Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla, and includes appearances by Alan Dershowitz, Cornel West, Shelby Steele, Jordan Peterson, and more.

This is the trailer for the film. Release was moved back from 2018 to 2019, in part because anti-free speech outrages continued to occur and some were included in the documentary:

A sellout crowd of 368 packed the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis for the event. Seventeen people even showed up without tickets, hoping to be able to get in if someone who had registered failed to show up. (Happily, all 17 did get seats.) One man flew in from Texas to attend the screening.

Justin Folk, the film’s director, attended the event. Here, I interviewed him briefly, just before the show began:

And here are Justin’s comments at the beginning of the question and answer session:

The crowd’s enthusiastic response to No Safe Spaces is a reminder that the attack on free speech is one of the great issues of our time. Through human history, speech has generally been required to conform to governmental and societal dictates. The freedom that is enshrined in our First Amendment is nearly unique, and human nature, unfortunately, does not automatically incline people to support it.

So be sure to see No Safe Spaces when it is released in the Fall. And if you can, bring a friend.