On the front lines in Minneapolis

We visit the now-cleared homeless encampment on 14th Avenue and the burned-out block nearby.

Late last month, we visited the homeless encampment along the Midtown Greenway at 14th Avenue in Minneapolis and shot this video:

Here is how the site looked this morning, after it was cleared by the city:

The now vacant lot is on city-owned land. The entire lot is now surrounded by cyclone fencing.

The City-provided port-o-potties and sink await retrieval in the adjoining alley.

Unfortunately, it took the destruction by fire of three nearby homes to prompt the City into action. The middle house was reduced to a small pile of rubble.

The house on the left:

The house on the right suffered significant damage.

All three homes are now abandoned. Only the Blue Lives Matter flag remains intact.

The view from the back alley: