Parents Ask Federal Court to Block Walz’s “Dangerous Mask Mandate”

A group representing thousands of Minnesota parents has filed a motion in federal court requesting an immediate injunction prohibiting Gov. Tim Walz from enforcing the state’s “dangerous mask mandate and further restrictions on youth sports.”

The request came in a 44-page legal brief by attorneys for Let Them Play MN, a grassroots group that opposes a state requirement that most youth sports participants wear a protective mask during practice and competition to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The group estimates more than 500,000 Minnesota youth participate in sports and similar activities.

“Minnesota’s kids may not have lobbyists, they may not vote or contribute to campaigns, but they sure have value,” said Let Them Play attorney Sam Diehl. “Our kids have rights, supported by crystal clear, factual data, and Let Them Play will continue to fight for them. We look forward to our day in court.”

The lawsuit claims the mask requirement not only presents a hazard to many young athletes but that the state has little legal or scientific grounds on which to arbitrarily impose it.

Let Them Play MN issued a press release summarizing its claims.

The motion shows that Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health have repeatedly and unfairly targeted youth sports for shutdowns, and restrictions, which have harmed school age kids, going so far as to ask leading and biased questions through Minnesota’s contact-tracing to purposely skew data in support of their agenda.

…The suit also points out how the MDH and the Governor’s office continue to change the rules, which are often in conflict with rules in created in previous executive orders. “MDH issued new rules for sports on December 28, January 5 and January 6, without notice, any semblance of rulemaking procedures or safeguards and regardless of their consistency with the executive order from which they purportedly draw their authority,” shared Diehl.

The results of a recently released survey by the group found that hundreds of young athletes have experienced problems due to the mandatory masks.

The latest case brought by Let Them Play MN case was filed in U.S. District Court and asks for immediate relief.

500,000 kids should not be harmed by Defendants’ manipulation of data and
discriminatory processes. Kids should be allowed to play.