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Written by Tom Steward | November 5, 2020

“Protestors” Vandalize Minneapolis Businesses and Shut Down I-94 Again

The vandals and looters first unleashed by the Failure to Lead of Gov. Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter following the death of George Floyd have come out of the woodwork as anticipated by law enforcement post election.

Here’s a few snapshots of some of the anarchists’ handiwork featuring property damage from the Uptown Crime citizens group Facebook page. The latest victims include a recently opened State Farm Insurance storefront in Uptown. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Meantime, the everyday violence in Minneapolis has gotten so out of control that a Star Tribune reporter (Chris Riemenschneider) who recently wrote about the escalating danger updated his story with another now all-too-typical attack on an apparently well-known public figure on the citzens’ group page.

 I don’t want to name her out of respect for her privacy, but a musician many of you know and admire suffered an attempted carjacking near her house by Lake Nokomis today. I’m posting this to put or keep everyone on red alert in the area (also my neighborhood). There’ve been many similar incidents in recent weeks, some of which were part of the Strib story I posted on Sunday, and almost all of which involved women victims.
Here’s what happened this time: Two teen girls waved her down, desperately asked for help, and when she played the Good Samaritan they took her phone, maced her and then wrestled with her to take her car, which in the tussle they rammed into a neighbor’s garage. She’s a little beat up and obviously very shaken up.

Last night another band of activists doubled down on what’s become a tried-and-true tactic in their playbook ever since being free rein last summer by Gov. Tim Walz and Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington. The Strib provided play-by-play as traffic ground to a halt for hours.

…About 7:45 p.m., protesters marched onto Interstate 94 from Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis police said in a tweet. Officers quickly shut down both lanes of I-94 and asked motorists to avoid the area. Traffic was backed up and stalled in both directions.

Then Minneapolis police and State Patrol troopers, some on horseback, some in buses, surrounded and methodically arrested protesters on the freeway one by one on suspicion of trespassing and unlawful assembly.

Evidently it never occurred to Harrington or Minnesota State Patrol chief Matt Langer to corral the lawbreakers before they gain access to the freeway until 1:30 in the morning. But hey, at least no activists were tear gassed in the process!

The likelihood is that this vandalism and lawbreaking amounts to a warmup to greater unrest in coming days. The question is what are Walz and Harrington going to do about it before it’s too late.

Tom Steward

Tom Steward is a Government Accountability Reporter at Center of the American Experiment.
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