Rep. Ryan Winkler’s long history of deceitful, divisive behavior

In response to House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler’s (DFL-Golden Valley) lie that a white supremacist intentionally tried to murder peaceful protestors on Sunday, John Hinderaker released the following statement:

“DFL House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler has a long history of deceitful, divisive behavior. His conduct is contrary to Minnesota values and the last thing we need in a legislative leader.  Rep. Winkler is unfit for office and should resign.”

In 2013, Rep. Winkler tweeted a racial slur against the only black member of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas. In April, he was caught on video giving the middle finger to a Republican senator during a press conference. On Sunday, he slandered a hardworking, immigrant truck driver on Twitter, calling him a white supremacist who intentionally set out to murder peaceful protestors. Sunday’s comment was retweeted hundreds of times before being deleted by Winkler.