Residents Petition to Reclaim Freedom of Trash

The disconnect between citizens and bigger-than-ever government continues to drive discontent with politics as usual at every level. Folks who used to think they had not just a stake, but a say in the system, aren’t so sure anymore.

It’s evident at the local level of government supposed to be the closest and most accountable to taxpayers, as you can read in my latest News Alert.

You see it in the backlash to technocrats’ overreach in the European Union, where U.K. residents at the point of no return will go to the polls later this month in a last ditch effort to reassert their sovereignty over Brussels bureaucrats.

It’s fueled by thousands of pages of additional federal regulations promulgated by unaccountable Obama Administration bureaucrats, allowing little or no say on the part of the public who will bear the economic impact.

It’s exemplified by state lawmakers who override local zoning laws and force farmers and their neighbors to live with wind farms and solar power installations in their backyards.

But residents of Minnesota’s fifth largest city of Bloomington are reasserting their rightful role. For them, it comes down to an issue everyone can relate to: “Freedom of Trash.”