Sign our petition: Say NO! to Gov. Walz’s “Green New” permitting rules!

Fresh off finalizing new rules that would force auto manufacturers to obey California’s car mandates, the Walz administration is once again seeking to enact new regulations without legislative oversight. This time, the Walz administration wants to force business owners to spend an extra $12,000 (a 33 percent increase) on environmental permits that quantify the project’s greenhouse gas emissions.

These new rules will harm many industries that are crucial to the state’s economy, but agriculture, manufacturing and mining will likely bear the brunt of St. Paul’s latest green dreams. That is why American Experiment has launched this petition at our booth at FarmFest to inform Minnesota farmers about the impact these rules could have on their operations. Please sign and share with as many people as possible.

You may remember that American Experiment urged our readers to take a survey on the rules and submitted extensive comments on them earlier this year, but the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is ignoring the fact that poll results found approval and disapproval of these rules is evenly split, at 48 percent each.

This is not a mandate to push forward with these expensive regulations. Unfortunately, this shows that bureaucrats are going to keep pushing forward with the new rules unless we run up this ratio and show the EQB that these rules are deeply unpopular.

You can read the text of our FarmFest petition below:

Dear Environmental Quality Board Member,

I am writing today to voice my strong opposition to the Walz administration’s attempt to make sweeping changes to the permitting process that could make life more difficult for Minnesota farmers who want to expand their operations.  

These regulations—called the Draft Recommendations: Integrating Climate Information into MEPA Program Requirements— would force businesses, including some farms, to conduct greenhouse gas emission estimates as part of the environmental permitting process.  

These unnecessary regulations will force many small business owners to spend $13,000 extra dollars on expensive reports—just to grow their businesses and help feed the world. In short, they will impose enormous costs on Minnesota farmers, job creators, and local governments for zero measurable environmental benefits.   

I am also worried that the proposed changes to environmental assessment worksheets (EAWs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) will allow the permitting process to become more politicized, especially as it pertains to allowing farmers to expand their operations.  

Requiring these projects to conduct greenhouse gas emission estimates will open the door to frivolous lawsuits from environmental special interest groups who want to weaponize the environmental review process to kill projects with endless litigation. I am therefore insisting that the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) withdraw this proposal from consideration.  

The last thing Minnesota farmers need is more red tape from St. Paul. Governor Walz needs to stand with Minnesota farmers and scrap these regulations immediately. 


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