Star Tribune: As Biased As Ever?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has long been known as a DFL newspaper. In the last few years, some have said that its liberal bias might be less pronounced. That is, I think, dubious. Take, for instance, this morning’s article about President Trump’s budget proposal by reporter Maya Rao.

The article describes Trump’s budget, highlights the fact that it doesn’t contain anything for Southwest Light Rail Transit, and then seeks reactions to the budget from six outsiders. Those sources tell us that the president’s budget will “put heavy new pressure on food shelves and the state’s health care system,” “should be of concern to all rural Americans,” “is a cruel and reckless plan that benefits billionaires, punishes the vulnerable and abandons working families and small businesses,” will not “be well-received by Congress,” “could be life-threatening for a number of people,” and is “devastating to the health of women, especially those who are poor.”

Every one of the people consulted by the reporter for comment was a Democrat; hence the universal chorus of condemnation. The reporter did not seek out comment from a single Republican, or a single person with a favorable word to say about Trump’s budget.

Is this the way the Strib reported on any of Barack Obama’s eight budget proposals, all of which were dead on arrival in Congress? By seeking comment only from Republicans? Just kidding.

In the sidebar to the online version of this article are “related stories.” Here are their headlines:

* The Latest: Some of Trump’s GOP allies slam budget plan
* President budget is ‘dead on arrival,’ Senate’s No. 2 Republican says
* Clinton: Trump budget shows ‘unimaginable’ cruelty
* Trump’s budget cuts ‘clean coal’ research he praised in campaign

Is the Star Tribune still a Democratic Party mouthpiece? It certainly looks that way to me.