State agency deletes tweet promoting Gov. Walz during election campaign

But other agencies aren’t so squeamish. Earlier today, the state Department of Commerce tweeted out to its 7,000 followers a message thanking Governor Tim Walz and featuring a picture of him at the State Fair.

The Governor is in the midst of a re-election battle in a race listed as a “toss up” by the website Real Clear Politics. (Curiously, there has been no poll published on the race since June.)

Apparently, the Governor took a break from his campaign booth at the Fair to stop by the booth of his cabinet agency.

I raised an objection to the post on Twitter:

At some point, the Department deleted the Tweet:

It’s not the most flattering photo of the Governor:

But he’s wearing the same outfit as depicted on his official campaign Twitter account.

By my count, at least a half-dozen state agencies all posted on official accounts visits by Walz to the State Fair on Monday. This Tweet, also from today, from the state’s Higher Education department, is still available.

This post from the state Department of Natural Resources:

And this post from the Department of Agriculture:

The Department of Transportation didn’t want to be left out.

Of course, as the incumbent office holder, Walz has his own official state account:

Incumbent office-holders have enough natural advantages without active promotion by taxpayer funded agencies.