Statement for Media on Janus Rally At State Capitol

“This is a pro-freedom, not anti-union, case. For several decades, public employees have been second-class citizens under the law. They are forced to pay fees to a union in order to keep their jobs, even if they have moral or political objections to how the union represents them or spends their dues. American Experiment supports employee freedom for Mark Janus and all public employees in Minnesota and 21 other states.” — Kim Crockett, Vice President, Center of the American Experiment


Center of the American Experiment has filed a “friend of the court” amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court in support of the teachers, police, firefighters, and public servants across the country who do not agree with the policy positions of their unions but are forced to pay for them anyway.

Kim Crockett will be available for interviews and background on the legal and policy questions raised by the case. She’ll be en route to Washington on Saturday morning but available by phone as of noon CST and throughout the weekend.  She will issue updates from the Supreme Court steps on Monday with comments from Minnesota teachers and other public employees who support giving public-sector employees a voice and a choice.


Kim Crockett, Vice President, Center of the American Experiment

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