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How unaffordable is childcare in Minnesota?

Childcare is so expensive in Minnesota that based on the affordability standard set by the US Department of Health and Human Services, that childcare is only affordable if it does not exceed 7% of a family`s income, only 5.8% of Minnesota families can afford infant care. Strict regulation, among other things, is highly to blame for this occurrence. ...

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Literature on childcare says strict regulation on childcare=higher prices

Proponents of strict childcare regulation in Minnesota usually shoot down regulation reform proposals based on the idea that current strict standards are responsible for high-quality childcare. However, evidence shows that this is not factual.  Most measures that the Minnesota Department of Services uses to analyze quality like child-staff ratios and group sizes have no discernible effect on quality. Instead, they only work to raise costs for providers, effectively raising prices for parents, and making it harder for providers to make profits. ...

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Yale researchers found that childcare programs are not a big contributor to the spread of Covid-19

According to a study conducted by Yale Researcher, childcare programs that stayed open have not been a major contributor to the spread of Covid-19. This is the first large-scale study specifically targeting childcare programs, and it, therefore, presents valuable insights especially to parents and childcare providers....

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How regulation prevented a City Council member from solving childcare shortage in Duluth

When Arik Forsman was elected to the Duluth city council he took upon himself a challenge; he was going to solve the childcare crisis. To do this, he sponsored an ordinance that loosened zoning laws to allow childcare facilities to operate in mixed-use business districts. This was intended to encourage more businesses to set up childcare facilities near their establishments. However, not much had changed a year later because even willing businesses could not figure out how to navigate staffing and the complicated regulations of childcare. ...

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Lack of access to affordable childcare costs Indiana employers $1.8B a year

There are currently no estimates for the economic cost of lack of access to affordable childcare on the whole state of Minnesota. But the high cost on employers due to lack of access to childcare in Indiana points to a similar high cost for employers in Minnesota. Minnesota and Indiana are both among the least affordable states for childcare, so the costs on their economies from lack of childcare are bound to be high....

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The childcare industry needs more than financial assistance, it needs regulation reform

There are a lot of issues with childcare that go beyond financial fragility. These issues will plague the childcare industry long after the pandemic is gone. Unfortunately, the state of Minnesota has not made much effort into addressing some of these issues.  While the additional funds will be helpful for the successful few applicants selected, these funds can only do so much even for the eligible providers. Sooner or later the state will have to grapple with the need to reform regulation. Overregulation has been one of the leading reasons for the exit of many providers in the last couple...

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New research from the U of M highlights the rural-urban divide associated with access to childcare services

Generally, there is a crisis that has been brewing in Minnesota; parents lack access to childcare services, and in the case that they have access, they can rarely afford to pay tuition. This crisis, however, affects different regions differently. And rural areas suffer the most when it comes to accessing childcare services, as showcased by the map....

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