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How Much Equity Have Walz and Frey Erased?

Liberals and the "Progressive" politicians to their left love to use the buzzwords of "equity, diversity, and inclusivity," but politicians like Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Jacob Frey have erased decades of equity for low-income families by allowing violence and rioting to run virtually unchallenged for three days earlier this year. The fallout is resulting in a huge drop in the kind of equity you measure in dollars. Equity For Me, But Not For Thee Traditionally, the way that Americans build their wealth is through home equity. Investopedia defines home equity as "the market value of a homeowner's unencumbered interest in their...

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Home Renovations in Minnesota Cost More, Deliver Inferior Returns

In June, American Experiment released a groundbreaking new report taking a look at the lack of affordable housing in Minnesota. One of the findings of that report found that government regulations were pushing up the price of housing. An annual report on the value of home remodeling called the Cost Vs Value Report appears to corroborate these findings of the report: Minnesotans pay more for less. The report is interesting for a number of reasons. It shows that kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects have low returns on investment nationally, but this is especially true in Minnesota, where jobs costs are higher...

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Someone Better Tell the Met Council Planners: Millennials Moving to the Suburbs in Droves for Better Schools and Bigger Houses

Uh-oh. Someone at the "density is destiny" crowd in Minneapolis and at the Met Council that millennials may not be the lovers of urban living they have been chalked up to be. As, millennials marry later and have kids later, it may prolong their stay in the cities, but it appears that once they start having children they prioritize the larger spaces, more-affordable housing, and better schools found in the suburbs. The story posted below originally appeared in Axios. For years, an unwavering certitude of industry, think tanks, demographers, policy-makers and city planners everywhere has been that humanity is moving to the...

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