The Minneapolis 3rd Precinct police station is still a burned-out ruin

Two years after the George Floyd riots, the station’s ruins sit at the corner of Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue in central Minneapolis.

The tall metal fencing is the only change to the site since the fires were extinguished more than two years ago.

In stark contrast, across the street, the privately-owned businesses are back:

The Minneapolis police have set up a temporary 3rd precinct station in a city-owned public works building in downtown.

The new, temporary 3rd Precinct police station isn’t, strictly speaking, within the boundaries of the 3rd Precinct.

Not all of Lake Street has recovered. The local O’Reilly auto parts store is still boarded up.

Not everyone on the street is looking forward to the return of the MPD.

It looks like we have some more work to do.