The Planned Parenthood juggernaut

The outcry from Minnesota Democrats over abortion rights is about more than just the upcoming mid-term elections. The abortion-industrial complex is a significant source of money for the state’s Democratic party machine.

With the U.S. Supreme Court poised to issue a major decision addressing Roe v. Wade, Democrats across the nation have raised an outcry on the subject of abortion rights. Despite having some of the region’s most liberal abortion laws, Minnesota Democrats are no exception.

Planned Parenthood operates most of the state’s abortion clinics and organizes its business operations through a series of nonprofits.

The Minnesota-based Planned Parenthood business operation covers five states: MN, IA, NE, ND, and SD. The nonprofit entities own several for-profit subsidiaries.

Planned Parenthood operates a Fund, which acts as an endowment for the entire operation. It also runs a dark money 501c4 “Action Fund” political operation. Another abortion rights group, NARAL, has been active in Minnesota in recent years.

Planned Parenthood operates two active 527 political funds in Minnesota, registered with the state’s Campaign Finance Board.

After netting out intra-organizational money transfers, the two 527 funds and the 501c4 collectively provide about $2 million per each two-year election cycle to support Minnesota Democratic candidates,

Who provides this money? Well, you do, in part. Planned Parenthood receives significant revenue from the state of Minnesota, as well as from the state’s two largest community foundations.

The figures for Fiscal Year 2022 appear low since the year is not yet complete.

Charitable and taxpayer dollars support Planned Parenthood’s business operations. The business operations support the political nonprofit. The political nonprofit funds the PACs. The PACs give money to Democratic politicians. The politicians vote to send more money to Planned Parenthood.