The Rebellion Against Left-Wing Politics in the Schools Continues, and It Isn’t Only Edina [Updated]

We wrote here and here about left-wing indoctrination replacing education in the Edina public schools. The stories that were told by Edina students and parents were shocking. In response to those posts, parents and students have continued to blow the whistle on propaganda masquerading as instruction.

An Edina High School student writes about the hysteria that gripped the school during the 2016 presidential election campaign:

I felt like the school was descending into mass hysteria during the election. Some of the teachers I respected most thought it was their moral duty to come out in favor of Hillary Clinton, which absolutely disgusted me.

Another Edina student writes:

The day after the election I was texting my mom to pick me up from school and she almost had to!! Every teacher was crying in class, one even told the whole class “Trump winning is worse than 9/11 and the Columbine shooting.” The amount of liberal propaganda that was pushed every single day in class this year was worse than it’s ever been–and you’re bullied by the teachers and every student if you dare speak against it.

Yeah its horrible, the teachers can absolutely do whatever they want. The administration will do nothing about it!! The day of the election every single student was in the commons chanting “F*** TRUMP” and the teachers never did anything. A LOT of people are starting to complain and my mom has some friends who are leaving the school district.

A parent passed on an email that an Edina high school mother wrote to the school’s principal a few days after the election:

In talking with [my daughters], it came out that yesterday in my 10th grader’s AP World class, [the teacher] called out any Trump supporters and asked them to assure the class that they weren’t racist. Both my husband and I were aghast and we felt strongly that we should say something to you. … Yesterday’s incident in her class really surprised us as it is so completely inappropriate and unprofessional. If you talk with [the teacher] about this, please don’t mention my daughter. She doesn’t want to be identified for fear of retribution.

An Edina bus driver says the indoctrination extends beyond the schools, and into the school district’s buses:

I worked for Edina for almost 13 years driving a school bus. We were forced to attend “Equity” classes that basically were excoriating us for our white privilege. I had some wonderful times driving but the indoctrination was more than ridiculous.

A parent wrote:

My 2nd grade daughter came home after a classroom election proudly telling me they all voted for John Kerry—-Teachers/administration need to STOP this. Political indoctrination better described as brainwashing in child education should be strictly forbidden.

The Facebook comments show that the problem of left-wing indoctrination in the schools is not limited to Edina. Here are some samples:

My ex is a teacher. When she was taking classes to get certified in MN to teach about 8-9 years ago, I recall her talking about a class which was focused on teaching about white privilege. It’s been a part of the “training” for MN teachers for a long time.

Another Facebook comment:

One of the reasons I’m leaving the teaching field. I’m tired of being a secret agent libertarian minded teacher. It’s as bad as the article implies, but in many more districts.

And a response to that comment:

Wait. There’s another one out there? 😉 Although I’m not a ‘secret’ agent because I’m out with my opinions (not in my classroom) and am very unpopular with our union president. I’ve been told on multiple occasions to quit my job and work at a private school or for the Koch brothers. I had a curriculum trainer ask me this summer why I lived in the Twin Cities rather than in greater MN with more of my kind.

It is obvious from the outpouring of information that began with our first post that the Edina public schools have a huge problem of political bias and bullying by teachers and students. In addition, how high quality can a school possibly be, when teachers are wasting their time on propaganda, rather than focusing on the subjects they are being paid to teach?

Interest in the Edina High School scandal is exploding, and radio station AM 1130 (KTLK) called and asked me to be on the air at 7:30 tomorrow (Thursday) morning to talk about it. Please tune in!

Sadly, it appears that the scandal is not limited to Edina.

UPDATE: This email just came in from an Edina High School mother:

THANK YOU for beginning to expose the liberal Edina school system in your most recent series! We have wanted to do something for many years, but felt we had no voice and feared retribution for our children.
I want to offer one more example of what we’ve experienced.

During Edina’s “May Term”, our child had no choice but to take a class called “Race, Racism and Whiteness” as all other classes were full. The name alone says it all. It was in this class that the teacher, while reading a poem aloud, came to a word, stopped, and said that the word she was about to say next made her feel physically ill — just by saying it. The word was Police.

Having family members who have served in public safety, one of whom was killed in the line of duty, we immediately went to the administration and told them we were pulling our child out of that class, our child would not return and our child would receive full credit. We do give credit to the administrative staff we worked with, who was very responsive and agreed to our terms without question.

People are afraid to talk openly about this, but you have shone a light on this horrible situation and many, many people are thrilled! Keep up the good work.