Think Tanks In High-Stakes Wager Over Playoff Game

Tomorrow the Minnesota Vikings take on the heavily favored San Francisco 49ers in an NFC playoff game. In anticipation of the clash, Center of the American Experiment has challenged the California Policy Center to a wager: three AAA batteries–sure to be of use in California’s next blackout–against an iconic California product.

Will Swaim, CPC’s President, manfully accepted the bet, putting up lunch at a Mexican restaurant of our choice against the batteries. I interpret that to mean lunch, including margaritas, for the entire Center staff.

It is well known that California has been subject to rolling blackouts as a result of that state’s terrible energy policies. Not everyone is aware, however, that Minnesota could be next in line when it comes to blackouts. Last winter, a polar vortex had the local utility warning people not to take hot showers, and even putting up some central Minnesota residents in hotels.

So who knows, we might be drinking those margaritas by candle light. Go Vikings!