Tracking the Omar Fateh scandals: Ethics complaint edition

Seven of state Sen. Omar Fateh’s colleagues have signed on to an ethics complaint lodged against the first-term legislator from Minneapolis.

Filed on the final full day of the 2022 regular legislative session, the complaint centers on two charges. One involves Fateh’s advocacy for a $500,000 state grant to a media outlet who backed his 2020 campaign and the second involves his role in voter fraud activity involving his brother-in-law. Both charges were among the scandals covered in our previous post on the Senator.

Fateh has filed to run for re-election this fall and is currently unopposed. The filing period is open through Tuesday, May 31st. By rule, the Senate ethics subcommittee must meet within 30 days to review the complaint.

The Minnesota Reformer did the original story on the half-million grant and has a review of the ethics complaint.